Halloween Fun Day

Date : 29/10/2021
Venue : School
Participants : All teachers and students

In order to enhance students' interest in learning English and strengthen the English environment, all teachers and students dressed up as vampires, witches, pumpkins...etc. on the Halloween Fun Day (29thOctober, 2021).
Before Halloween, English teachers & Native English teachers created a Halloween mini-movie. And Native English teachers also broadcasted an amusing live show, interacted with students in the morning. They used Halloween movie's characters or objects to make riddles, so that students can learn English happily.
On that day, some teachers and students got the best costume awards too.

  • Native English Teachers are preparing for the Halloween mini-movie.
  • Native English Teachers are broadcasting the Halloween live show.
  • Students are paying attention to watch the Halloween live show
  • Students are playing a guessing game attentively.
  • Students take photos with Principal Leung, teachers and classmates happily.
  • Do we scare you away?
  • CLCT Horror Family!
  • Principal Leung awards Best Costume prizes to teachers.